1. Thank you for reblogging this.
    It is nice to know other women like you who have compassion for other victims.
    The cooperative effort is important and it is beginning to shed more light on the wolves in sheep’s clothing that have gotten away with blame shifting and making the victims look like we are abusing the actual abusers.

    All I want to do personally is to get far far away from my abusive ex in laws. But they keep pulling me back and entangling me. ….then calling me “the difficult one”….” the emotionally unbalanced one”….

    If we are so bad to them then why do they keep pulling us back? When you are actually the victim, you just want to get away….far away…..you dont pull the people back towards you…or manipulate them into being entangled with you….

    The victim blaming and blame shifting needs more light shed onto it. I believe it is intentionally covered up and hidden….just like the fact that abusers can appear nice and normal in public.

    People think they could tell an abusive parent if they saw one. They believe the act they see and then accuse the emotionally broken victim of being unbalanced and not able to tell reality….so the victim is seen as the crazy one who is making up stories about their abusers.

  2. You are most welcome Annie. I agree. The cooperative effort is important in bring about awareness of the ill effects of narcissism and emotional abuse. I’m honored to be able to piggyback off people like you–the frontrunners in this race as we endeavor to shed light on this insidious form of abuse.

  3. “People think they could tell an abusive parent if they saw one.” Right. They put on award-winning performances in public, appearing to be loving and caring, but in private they’re just the opposite. It is jus an act to discredit their victims, and it’s sad, but it works. People are quick to accuse the victims of being the crazy one when it’s really the other way around. Most people, I’ve learned, believe what they want to believe and the truth has nothing to do with it.

  4. This video covers many important traits of a narcissistic mother and she does a good job of giving examples or reasons. Reading and listening to a video are two different things, and sometimes the videos by psychotherapists in person explains it much easier to understand. You can see yourself as she is speaking.

    Most of this describes my mother and she brought up some situations that I’ve forgotten about that happened to make me feel so worthless. One of those was comparing. She constantly did that and I never realized that until now, always harping on my weight, but when we would go out she would remark on other people’s appearance. Eg. “Deb, look at her she has such a nice figure or she looks good in those clothes, you should wear more of that, don’t wear stripes like that woman it makes her look huge”

    The list goes on and on. It was nice that she offered discounted therapy for this issue also. Thanks for this posting.

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