Ruby Bridges

Civil Rights Movement

U.S. Marshals escorting Ruby from school. U.S. Marshals escorting Ruby from school.

Ruby Bridges is most widely known to  the first African American to attend an all white  elementary school. She was ironically born on September 8, 1954 – the same year the Supreme Court’s decision Brown vs. Board of Education, desegregated schools. African American children were forced to take  an especially harder test in order to enter these white schools. In 1960, Ruby found out that she was one of the only six African American students to pass the test and able to attend the William Frantz School. Ruby’s presence caused many white parents to remove their children from school in disgust, and there were riots almost every day of Ruby’s attendance there.

Despite the blatant racism she faced each day, people commented that Ruby never cried or whimpered; Charles Burks, one of her escorts, said, “she just marched along like a little soldier”. Her…

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  1. This is just insane. I was born in 1953. I grew up with this craziness and I never understood it. When I was six years old, my cat had a litter of kittens. The kittens were all different colors. One was a gray tabby, one was yellow, and one was black and white. But they were all kittens. They all purred, they meowed, they had whiskers and tiny sharp claws, and they all had fluffy fur and tails. One kitten wasn’t “better” than another kitten because of their color!

    This makes me mad. Makes me almost feel ashamed of being Caucasian.

    1. I love this analogy! That was abuse on a larger scale.

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