An Introduction to Arcs: Laying the Foundations for the Rocky Road of Writing

Writers Anon - Taunton's Writing Group

A Story Arc is a way of feeling how your story develops throughout the work; where a character’s conflicts and challenges lie and where they may succeed and fail in meeting them.

People think in different ways about story arcs but it can be useful to have a consistent set of tools to draw on. Some people like to draw their story out as graphs but I sometimes like to think about parts of the arc as different ways of doing something. An example might be taking a walk along a quiet pavement, strolling through pleasant meadows, coasting through rolling hills, soaring through wild mountains and plunging into deep valleys. Oh and there’s the occasional lunatic with a sledgehammer thrown in for good measure.

Now that we’ve got those aids which we can sense, let’s use them:

Let’s imagine we’re writing a story and so we’re going to take a…

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