Everything I Never Told You / Celeste Ng

Robert Up At Dawn

Lydia Lee, a teenager, has died by drowning. Was it it accidental, a suicide, or could it be murder? In this debut novel by Celeste Ng, focusing on the remaining family members, she unravels, layer by layer, the onion skin of conflicting opinions to get to the truth.

The Lee family, a Chinese-American mixed race family, are living the typical middle class existence in a small Ohio town in the 1970s. James, the father, is a professor at a small college. Marilyn, the mother, once dreamed of becoming a doctor. Her dream was derailed when she married James (against her mother’s wishes) and soon found herself pregnant. Over the years, the couple has had three children . From the outside looking in, it appears to be a stable, happy family.

But Marilyn has obsessively transferred onto Lydia her dream of becoming a physician. James, with Chinese parents, despite his successes…

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