Teaching How to Write a Memoir, Narrative Writing




This story unfolds in a laundromat about 35 years ago. The text revolves around a girl named Brenda, her best friend, Lilia, and Lilia’s mother. Brenda is naive and curious. She wanted to learn how to talk in Spanish. The problem was that she thought she figured out how to say something new on Spanish, but she said it wrong. She overcame this by taking Spanish lessons. Readers learn that it is challenging to learn a second language and that it is ok to make mistakes.





It was a late Saturday afternoon when I went with Lilia and her mom to the laundromat. Over the past few months I had been learning Spanish with Lilia and her mother.

Of course I wanted to spend time with my best friend and the best thing a best friend would do is help her and her mother fold the clothes…

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  1. Thank you for reposting. This is empowering me to develop my writing craft as an example for my sixth graders. I’m more inspired to add to my original post as I teach the lesson. I look forward to following you and learn from your future blogs.

  2. How coincidental. Roz Linder and I have presented together a couple of times. Also, thanks for the gift card!

    1. Wow! How cool is that! I love the way she simplifies memoir writing. That was fast! You are most welcome! Sorry it took me so long to mail it out. Enjoy!

  3. A great post!
    I spotted K. E. Garland’s comment & realized my Starbucks gift card hasn’t arrived yet. Our mail is problematic sometimes; just the other day I received an important-looking check meant for our neighbor. :0

    1. I apologize. I “lost” the gift cards (i.e. put them somewhere and couldn’t remember where). Then I found them last week. I mailed yours out this past Saturday. You should get it tomorrow.

      1. You are too kind! No need to apologize for giving *me* a prize, LOL! 😉 I just worried that maybe you sent it a while ago and it got lost. Thanks again for your generosity & thoughtfulness.

      2. It arrived exactly on time – thank you SO much for this lovely card, gift, & meaningful bracelet, Lynette! :))))))

      3. You are so welcome Dyane!

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