The Shadow of Darkness

Wow! This post really breaks down narcissism from a spiritual perspective:

Spiritual Mastery

If you’re around a person of darkness how do you know? What are the signs of an individual who has “sold out” to darkness? And what do these people want?

What they want is to eat you. You, to them, as a Big Mac and Fries with a shake. Darkworkers draw energy from others. They’d absolutely love to dine on a Lightworker, as sucking the energy out of a skilled Lightworker would give them a very large energy (and ego) rush, but most of us have learned to protect ourselves pretty well. If you are a person who does work in the Light and you haven’t had a Teacher, please get one, because this is one of the first things I teach my Seekers — shield.

Now, how do you recognize these energy cannibals? Here are the signs that you are in the presence of a Darkworker. (In a near…

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