Building Your Author Mailing List

Kobo Writing Life

By Mark Dawson

I can still remember it, even three years later. I had published my first indie novel, The Black Mile, and had arranged a weekend’s worth of promotion to mark it going free for a few days. It was August, and I was out for a ride on my bike to watch the local farmer bringing in his harvest. I hadn’t expected much from the promotion, but, as I took out my phone and checked how many copies had been downloaded, I almost fell off my bike. Five figures. Thousands of new readers. I couldn’t believe it. My celebrations were tempered, though, by the swift realisation that I’d made a dreadful mistake. All of those readers, some of whom might even enjoy the book, they had nowhere to go afterwards. There was no second book. Worse than that, I had neglected to set up a mailing list where…

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  1. Thanks again, Lynette, for a very helpful reblog. ❤

    1. You are most welcome. I thought this was a very good post about the importance of mailing lists for indie authors.

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