1. This pretty much aligns with my views. It may be shallow but I want the validation of a major company saying my work is good. I also don’t want to spend all my time building a platform or hyping my work to friends. I might wish to evolve into having my own publishing house but I have to learn how first.

    1. I can certainly understand your perspective on this. Many feel the way that you do. A lot can be said for both sides. Publishing is a business and the main difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing is the business model the author prefers. With traditional publishing, the author, is working for someone else. With self-publishing, the author is working for herself. I prefer the latter.

      1. I respect your view and may come to embrace it. I’m entering a field of which I have no personal knowledge and am bombarded by options and advice. I don’t question my ability to pick things up quickly but for my first go round I am hoping for traditional publishing and the support of those who have been there before.

      2. I can respect your position, especially since traditional publishing already has a proven track record–they are good at what they do.

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