What is Trauma?

Sleeping Tiger

black and white sunflower

More precisely… What is behind the effects of trauma?

I was just making my morning smoothie and as usual I was doing a lot of thinking. The thought, “I’m never truly relaxed” sort of cruised through my mind and then without really being aware of it, the question breezed though, “Why is that?”

My answer was general as in, “Because trauma survivors…” because that’s what I am. And I for one am in a constant state of hyper-vigilance. I think this is where many other symptoms branch out from.

For example, agoraphobia. Why do I feel afraid to go out on many days, even just to take a walk by myself?

Why am I afraid to get close to anyone, whether it be as a platonic relationship or a prospective romantic one?

Why am I afraid to open up, speak up, take care of me, stick up for me?


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