Ten Reasons for Writing Memoir

Diane Taylor

In my book, the twenty reasons I give for writing memoir are culled from the forty-two I offer in my course. The more reasons there are, the more apt you are to finish your story. Not that all forty-two, or twenty, will be valid for everyone. Are there three or four that seem more relevant to you than the others? Those are the ones that will propel you forward into your story and keep you adding to it.

Here, in this post, I have harvested ten of the best from the list of twenty. I thought I had collected all possible reasons for writing memoir, but recently someone suggested another, and I will start with that one. It is an especially poignant and relevant one in our times because so many people are living alone—especially older people.

1. To dispel loneliness. When you write your stories, usually you have someone in…

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  1. A great list….that was gracious of you to share it again, but then again, you always find and share such wonderful & practical & inspiring posts, Lynette – still, Diane owes you! 😉

  2. p.s. I like her name!

  3. Dyane, I like yours! And I do owe her. I have the greatest respect for all those who see the value in memoir writing.

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