Disassociation and trauma survival

silence Speaks... darkness talks

Dissociation during violence is a common psychological defence strategy which is activated, for the safety of the victim during distress.

Dissociation can become a primary defence mechanism if you grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive, addictive, or violent home. A child is easily overwhelmed and can check out or dissociate, which helps them to cope with the psychological and emotional overload they are experiencing. This ability to disassociate during conflict as a child, can be a pre-determined conditioning factor, for women and men, who then go on to be abused domestically. Basically, the childhood environment created the foundation for living with, and acceptance of, violence.

Disassociation is similar to amnesia in that is affects the memory. However, unlike amnesia, dissociation is where the person involved is awake but not fully aware. It is similar to daydreaming, where mentally, your not engaged with the environment or what is actually happening. An…

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  1. I read this post this morning. So well written. You do such a wonderful job of sharing others work. Thank you for that!

    1. Thank you so much. I have learned more in the last twelve months than I have my entire life. These blogs really are my life jacket in my healing journey.

      1. That is beautifully put. I had no ifea how much validation I would find. Im so happy to have found such a beautiful community and so sad that so many of us can relate to each others pain. A paradox for sure.

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