Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents


Parents with narcissistic personality disorder never think of their adult children as adults. There is no respect for boundaries or your right to make your own decisions.

While other parents guide their children to become independent adults, narcissistic parents attempt to condition their children to serve their agenda.

Whether you are the golden child or the scapegoat is dependent on a variety of factors. Usually one child is chosen to be the golden child. If they comply with the wishes of the narcissistic parent, then they will probably retain that role. Otherwise they are in danger of being knocked off of the pedestal.

The scapegoat child is often the one that insisted on being authentic and questioned or exposed the methods of the narcissistic parent. Other times the scapegoated child just got that role because there was already a golden child in place.

The narcissistic parent projects the qualities of…

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  1. darkdelilah

    I read your complete post, you couldn’t of hit the nail on the head more if you tried. But what if I’ve never managed to cut them out and they still have such a powerful presence in my life :/

  2. Some people continue in relationships with narcissistic type personalities because it’s almost impossible to cut them out of their lives without losing some extended family as well, however, I don’t think one can live up to their full potential in life when narcissistic type personalities are in your inner circle. There is so much more to life than being tangled up in a narcissistic relationship, but then again, it’s a very personal decision. What works for one person will probably not work for the next person.

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