Rebelling Against the Status Quo With Art and Anger

The Cinephiliac

Throughout the 1960s Los Angeles, Hollywood transformed greatly from its previous existence. A”Second Great Migration” took place in the 1940s resulting in an influx of African-American dwellers which changed the culture of the city and its outskirts. Black women continued to grace the screens of Hollywood films through the 1960s though producing their own content through a Hollywood studio still remained a rarity. The women who starred in major motion pictures during this time deserve their fair recognition: Ruby Dee, Beah Carroll, Diahann Carroll, Diana Sands, and Abbey Lincoln. Neither of these women ever starred as a film’s main character alongside their male counterparts, especially with white actors. It should be noted that these women delivered spectacular performances that remain memorable in the minds of filmmakers and audience members.


Black men saw increasing perceptibility as Sidney Poitier’s fame skyrocketed allowing more films centered on the young Bahamian actor. His lead roles often bolstered his…

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