The Heaven of My Heart


Silence is deadly and dangerous.

I grew up in a culture where someone else always had it worst than you. Where you couldn’t celebrate achievements because then you were boasting. Where you kept your mouth shut. About everything.

Sexual abuse. Shut it in. Emotional abuse. Shut it in. Broken marriage, mental illness, physical illness, fear, anxiety, rejection, pain, death.

Shut it in.

We still do.

We work hard to drive beautiful cars and live in fancy homes. We portray to be living the good life, but we’re not living.

We can count on one hand how many people we’ve had over in the last year. We live in cities full of people.


If we were to do life with others they might see us. The us that we’ve shut in. They would see that we really don’t have our shit together. That we are broken.

That would be uncomfortable.


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  1. This is a wonderful post!

    1. I thought so too! We have Eva Cool to thank. I just re-blogged it.

      1. I went to her blog and commented too. I love the way you support other bloggers.

  2. I read a lot of pieces of blogs Lynette posts since I ‘Follow” her. This is one of the best. Please get ‘over it’ and open up – write your book!

    1. I did! It’s in the pre-publishing phase. It’ll be in print in September. (I’m hoping the ebook will be available sooner.) Please sign up for my newsletter for book updates. The link is on my About Page.

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