Mothers as Sociopaths

Sociopath Dangers

Scared girl Photo by LMAP

What do you do when a parent has no moral compass, is deceitful, lacks remorse for wrongdoing, and lies constantly? What happens to the children? This is the challenge when a parent is also a Sociopath.

As a general rule, Sociopaths are sneaky, dishonest, and manipulative. Their lives and motives center around themselves. The do not have spouses and children, they have victims and objects they use to forward their own goals and desires. Despite the popularization of Sociopaths in entertainment media as criminals, it is important to realize that not all Sociopaths necessarily break the law. Although, they may be guilty of charges of neglect, fraud, and perjury.

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  1. I thought so too. Although those of us who have lived with a sociopath are all too familiar with their tactics, I appreciate the research that went into this post.

  2. Wow Lynette, this was a frightening and relatable article. We should know! 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s so relatable that it sent chills down my spine… I was totally blown away that someone else pegged what it was like.

      1. I know! We are not alone! 🙂

      2. It really helps to know that we’re not alone…

  3. How heartbreaking for a child to have a mother with this terrifying condition. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because I have a parent with untreated borderline personality disorder, that has gotten worse as of last week. It’s horrific, but to have a mother who’s a sociopath is far worse. Both states are absolutely terrible and my heart goes out to any adult child who has been affected by either state.

    1. It was a horrible experience but growing up, I thought it was normal. I didn’t realize just how horrible it was until I begin writing my memoir.

      1. I’m sitting here nodding my head in understanding, Lynette. While I have a different situation, trauma is heartbreaking no matter how you look at it & I know you understand that and have true empathy for others who have suffered. I know your memoir will help people so much, and I can’t think of a more amazing achievement than to do what you’re doing *and* also help the rest of us followers as we strive to write out our lives. I’m so glad I found your blog. God bless you!

      2. Thank you so much Dyane. So true–trauma of any type is heartbreaking and difficult to heal from. Thank you for *getting* what I’m trying to accomplish. God bless you too!

      3. :)))) XOXOXOXOX

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