1. I thought so too. Although those of us who have lived with a sociopath are all too familiar with their tactics, I appreciate the research that went into this post.

  2. Wow Lynette, this was a frightening and relatable article. We should know! 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s so relatable that it sent chills down my spine… I was totally blown away that someone else pegged what it was like.

      1. I know! We are not alone! 🙂

      2. It really helps to know that we’re not alone…

  3. How heartbreaking for a child to have a mother with this terrifying condition. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because I have a parent with untreated borderline personality disorder, that has gotten worse as of last week. It’s horrific, but to have a mother who’s a sociopath is far worse. Both states are absolutely terrible and my heart goes out to any adult child who has been affected by either state.

    1. It was a horrible experience but growing up, I thought it was normal. I didn’t realize just how horrible it was until I begin writing my memoir.

      1. I’m sitting here nodding my head in understanding, Lynette. While I have a different situation, trauma is heartbreaking no matter how you look at it & I know you understand that and have true empathy for others who have suffered. I know your memoir will help people so much, and I can’t think of a more amazing achievement than to do what you’re doing *and* also help the rest of us followers as we strive to write out our lives. I’m so glad I found your blog. God bless you!

      2. Thank you so much Dyane. So true–trauma of any type is heartbreaking and difficult to heal from. Thank you for *getting* what I’m trying to accomplish. God bless you too!

      3. :)))) XOXOXOXOX

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