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I watched The Hunger Games last night. I read the book before the movie came out, and I’ve seen the movie a few times. So I obviously knew what would happen. Still, a certain scene got me.

By that, I mean it made me weepy.

I’m not usually a weepy individual, so the moment surprised me. I think the root of it was I forgot this particular scene was in the movie (I don’t think it was in the book). I’d also had a couple glasses of wine. Bad memory + alcohol = the feels (that’s not one of the tips, but maybe write it down anyway).

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  1. I find certain scenes make me cry every time I see them -Rue’s death, the old man saluting and whistling in Rue’s District, among others. No matter what mood I was in before watching the film. I suspect that she (Collins) worked to tap into a certain inter-generational fear that we all have of dying a useless death, maybe?
    24.12.12015 HE

    1. Most effective emotional scenes are universal–so that makes sense.

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