Read Out Loud to Detect Writing Mistakes

The PBS Blog

I totally agree with Ezine Articles (who tend to have great writing tips overall). I have noticed this, the benefits of reading out loud to detect errors, in my own experiences. I wrote an article about it some time ago and just re-spinned the post recently. You can read about my thoughts on reading out loud verses reading silently here.


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  1. Great advise. I always read my work out loud, very helpful to me.

    1. Me too. It’s amazing how the text looks fine on the screen (or on paper) but when you read it out loud, it’s full of holes.

    2. Me too! It makes a world of difference.

  2. Even better is reading your book out load to someone else. Of course, if it’s a long work, you might have to break it into shorter chunks. Plying them with alcohol and food probably helps too.

    1. I agree, reading it out loud to someone else is a plus, but you lost me with the food and alcohol…

  3. Reading your work out loud does wonders. Thanks, for the info.

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