“The Member of the Wedding” by Carson McCullers.


I remember watching the movie (1952) version on television in the late 60s. Ethel Waters played the maid Berenice. I absolutely loved this movie! I didn’t read the book until a couple of years later.

Books and wine.


“No,” said Berenice. “I never before in all my days heard of anybody falling in love with a wedding,”

 At the centre of this book is a very peculiar idea. A young girl, just twelve years old, finds herself bored and irritated by the mundane summer in a town in the American South , and as a result she becomes obsessed with the notion of her brother’s wedding. Frances (Frankie) Jasmine Addams grasps at the fantasies which come her way of all the exciting adventures she would experience if she were to accompany her brother and his new wife after the wedding, and soon these thoughts consume her, quite naturally leading to a miserable ending.

 It was not a book filled with much excitement, but rather a very slow but thoughtful journey alongside a young and confused girl. Frankie, though at times naive and childish, in general seemed wise beyond…

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  1. I remember seeing the movie, too! Maybe I will read the book in the coming year.

  2. Oh my goodness! You remember that too! I remember really relating to Frankie who felt disconnected–like I didn’t belong to anything, back then. This book, in my opinion, is in the vein as To Kill A Mockingbird which was released, I believe, about five or six years after The Member of the Wedding.

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