Three Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills That Don’t Involve Writing

Novelty Revisions


The life of a writer is a fairytale borrowing reality’s dancing shoes for the weekend. It’s chaotic. Not only do you have to wake up, go to work/school, do laundry, feed yourself and try not to spend all your savings on coffee (an impossible feat?), you have to somehow make time for writing, too. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like it.

While some may find it tiring, the ability to construct a story is a skill you will never cease to refine. Like playing an instrument – let’s use the flute – you’ll get better over time without even realizing it. But like playing the flute, you don’t keep practicing by playing the same songs over and over again; that gets boring. You find new songs to play. You listen to professional flutists do their thing. Then you practice some more, because you’ve rekindled that desire to spend time on…

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  1. So true, for writers, skill building never ends!

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