My Inspiration

This is for fellow blogger Nafisha Lalani: In loving memory of her father, Madat Lalani.

It's a Wonderful Life

My beloved father passed away in my arms on the first of August, 2015 after living an incredible life. His story is so unique and enchanting that it must be shared. He was born in Nairobi, Kenya to a school teacher father and a beautiful mother that was known for her gentle spirit. At a very young age, he ventured into the African jungle alone, in search of a better life. He began by setting up trading stands in regions where no man had gone before. He lived amongst the local tribes and learned tribal languages that are known to only a handful of people on this earth. He fought great adversity including severe natural conditions and wild animals. Yet he remained strong and through his will and perseverance, he achieved success in this endeavour. He subsequently returned to Nairobi and with the help of a young British banker, my…

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  1. A very inspirational figure indeed.

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