How To Write a Book Review

Books for MKs

Here are my tips and tricks, things to look for in a book, and how to critique and review books!

Books for MKs is a charity organization that donates books to missionary kids on the foreign mission field all over the world.Donate now at to help these children get reading material!

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  1. Excellent suggestions. Thank you for sharing. As someone who likes to write,this can also make a great template of sorts of areas to focus on when developing the story. Working on one now that I will definitely go back and compare to this list; especially since I’m a “writing by the seam of my pants” kind of person. I like finding out where my stories are going in the same way that the reader does. It can be challenging sometimes, but I love when a thought about a character springs to mind or something about the scene that was never intended happens organically. My feeling is that writing the story should be as much fun as reading it.

    1. My pleasure. Incidentally, I’m a “writing by the seat of my pants” too. I love “discovering” things about the story. It’s amazing what we (as writers) learn once we began to pen our stories. I would love to see your template once it’s done. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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