Little Known Black History Fact: Amelia Boynton Robinson

And she lived to be 104 years old!

Black America Web

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Amelia Boynton Robinsonpassed away Wednesday morning at the age of 104, and the nation is mourning one of the most storied individuals from the Civil Rights Movement. Boynton Robinson’s dedication to the voting rights and equality for southern Blacks and all African-Americans has been well-documented, and her iconic image from the “Bloody Sunday” event still moves the hearts of many.

Boynton Robinson was born in Savannah, Ga. on August 18, 1911. Boynton Robinson’s accounts of her early life are slightly conflicting but what is understood is that she attended her first two years of college at Georgia State College, which is now known as Savannah State University. She completed her studies at the Tuskegee Institute (now University) and earned a degree in Home Economics.

She continued her education at Tennessee State University, Virginia State University, and Temple University although what degrees or certificates she earned…

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  1. Amazing woman!!!!

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