Self-Publishing Tip — 9

Some more good author branding tips:

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Author Brand

Author Brand — The Author Brand is a trademark of the author in the genre they are writing in. It’s a promise to readers that they will receive consistency from the Author, a way to immediately identify who the author is and what they write. It’s your tagline, logo, font type, types of covers used for your books. Your goals, the way you see the world; things that tell a reader who and what you are. Everything that identifies you as the author. This also includes your author website and book(s) website. This also means select one name to identify yourself with. If you write strictly under a pen name, any posts you make on blogs or send out in email lists better be the name you write under. Don’t confuse the readers. This also applies to Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

 You need to select…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Lynette.

  2. Great information Lynette.

    1. Yes author branding is something that needs to be given thought early in the writing/publication process.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Still waiting for your own stories.

    1. My pleasure George! I’m still working on my memoir. Scheduled to be released in June. In the meantime, I try to share the information that I find useful in my book writing endeavor.

  4. heredesheewilson

    Thanks for sharing. Good information

    1. You are most welcome. I’m glad you find it useful.

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