How to Critique – Introduction

Shadows in the Corner


Throughout my years of writing and being in a writing community made up of young writers, I’ve gotten a lot of critiques of my work.  Let me emphasis that I have gotten a lot of bad critiques of my work.  It seems like a good majority of the people who were critiquing my work were either too lazy to do it well, or they genuinely did not know how to critique.  As such, I have rather strong opinions on critiquing in general, and I came up with this extremely long post about how to critique to give to some people I know.  And I decided to turn it into an all-out series on my blog.  As such, there may be parts that sound odd, as I was originally speaking to a specific forum of writers, but I’m going to try and edit those parts to be more…

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  1. Very informative and useful articles on critiquing. They help to demystify the critiquing process!

    1. Very useful indeed. I’m also using it as an guide for revisions.

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