Why Do You Write?

I reposted this in response to a comment left on the previous post:

“I am inspired to share my story with others, after years of keeping it locked inside me. The thought that it may help people with similar suffering gives me the courage to write. “

Kate M. Colby

Why do you write? What I love about this question is that there are infinite answers. Every writer has his/her unique reasons and those reasons can change based on mood, a phase in life, and/or the particular writing piece.

On one level, this can be a practical question. Seriously, why do you write when it is such a difficult field to succeed in? It can also be a spiritual question. What in your soul calls you to this creative outlet? From other writers, it can be a call for help or community. Why do we do this when it is so hard and it dredges up such painful insecuritiesMy favorite is when it is a question of wonderment and fascination. How in the world do you think up these ideas and what magical force compels you to see them through?

I’ve been going through a bit of a…

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  1. Kelley

    I have no choice, I’m compelled. What about you?

    1. The same here Kelley.

  2. The “wonderment and fascination” aspect is my favorite reason, but I think a bigger reason I write is that it helps me to understand things. Plus, I’ve always been a big word nerd. I don’t like puzzles very much, but I am passionate about assembling words.

  3. Eve, I love to assemble words too. In my teenage years, I learned to type on the typewriter because I was fascinated with words. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Thank you.

  4. livsbooksandlight

    I write because it’s the only thing I do naturally and therefore the only thing I never doubt. If it’s worth reading by others, that’s a whole other issue

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