What is Church?

Susan Irene Fox

©Sira Anamwong, freedigitalphotos.net ©Sira Anamwong, freedigitalphotos.net

Church is people who follow Jesus. Church is people who care. Church is people who meet you where you are. Church is people who uplift and encourage. Church is safe. Church is hope. Church is the Holy Spirit showing up through people you hardly know to let you know He knows your heart.

Church is where your vulnerability meets my vulnerability and together we walk unashamedly toward God.

Church is a group of online bloggers who, without fail, write about the love and compassion of God. They demonstrate it in their responses to comments, in their quest to follow Jesus, and in their desire to let His light shine through them.

Church is wherever two or more are gathered in His name.

Church is just me on my little deck loaded with plants, where I sit in quiet repose, writing praise poetry, reading my Bible, keeping company…

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  1. Hi Lynette, in case you are interested, I mentioned your blog in my post today. You are invited to participate in the Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me Challenge if you are so inclined. Jane.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll take a look right now.

  2. P.S. This is a beautiful post.

    1. I think so too. Susan posted it several days ago and it stayed on my mind.

  3. Thank for posting this, Lynette. It define the meaning of/for ‘Church’ so well. Tweeted this! Blessings

    1. I thought so too. Susan did a good job of showing that we are the church.

    2. Thanks for the tweet!

  4. Beautiful thoughts. Yes – this is what church is..

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