1. Yes, very personal and often embarrassing ones. It takes courage to even begin to write a memoir. You die many deaths and you fill containers with tears. Then it becomes a therapy for your own healing… but it’s never easy to let it out.

    1. Yes, it really does take a lot of courage to write a memoir. And yes there are many containers of tears as we make our way through the fog of painful memories, but somewhere along the line, we realize that we’re moving, transforming really. Then, one day we wake up and realize that the fog has cleared and we’re in a different place, on the other side–a place with lots of sunshine.

    2. You are right – it is cleansing and liberating to write a memoir.

      1. I lived that as I’m sure you did too. In the end, it’s well worth it.

  2. Love this quote! I’ve been writing away but have no idea if anyone will ever read it. I don’t need to know, just need to keep writing. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Exactly. Just keep writing.

  3. gmroeder

    I needed a lot of encouragement to write my memoir “We Don’t Talk About That” – because that is exactly what was kept hidden away for over nearly seventy years. Now it’s out there, readers love it, asking for more and I feel exposed, vulnerable and judged by some. But you are right: I just have to “keep writing”.

    1. Yes, Giselle, there are some stories that have to be told, despite being exposed, vulnerable and judged. And yours definitely counts as one of those. Thank you for sharing a little bit about your (historical) memoir. From the reviews I’ve read so far, it sounds like a gripping, can’t-put-it-down read.

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