Memoir or Revenge

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Memoir is among my favorite work to read and write. Apples_01
No matter how ordinary, there is something quite wonderful about a life well lived, well loved and well told. That’s a great thing about memoir; interesting stories are not the exclusive domain of the powerful, rich or famous.

Writing memoir makes you vulnerable. Like all writers, you put yourself out there as an artist, for people read and critique. When you write memoir, you also put your life out there. You invite people to read about the choices you made, your mistakes and your successes. Telling your tale opens the door to admiration, condemnation and everything that lies between.

But what about the people you met along the way? While you choose to tell your story, your family, friends, colleagues and enemies didn’t. They didn’t ask you to bare their souls or share their wins and warts. So … should…

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  1. I think memoir would be incredibly difficult to write because you have to be careful of how you write about other people. How do you include the messy parts where people treated you badly without incriminating those people or painting them in a bad light? I wouldn’t want to be sued for slander, but then you have to be truthful about what you went through. Otherwise, it’s fiction. Interesting problems. I never really thought about it before.

    1. I love the memoir genre, but it is a treacherous slope when it comes to writing memoir. The main thing is to be truthful and to keep in mind that everyone may not remember things exactly as you the writer does. We all have different perspectives.

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