Book Review | Pieces of My Mother by Melissa Cistaro

This is the book club selection for August, in the first of a series of #motherdaughtermemoirs. Let me know what you think in the comments. Recommendations for other mother-daughter memoirs are welcome.

Stories Unfolded




“This provocative, poignant memoir of a daughter whose mother left her behind by choice begs the question: Are we destined to make the same mistakes as our parents?

One summer, Melissa Cistaro’s mother drove off without explanation Devastated, Melissa and her brothers were left to pick up the pieces, always tormented by the thought: Why did their mother abandon them?

Thirty-five years later, with children of her own, Melissa finds herself in Olympia, Washington, as her mother is dying. After decades of hiding her painful memories, she has just days to find out what happened that summer and confront the fear she could do the same to her kids. But Melissa never expects to stumble across a cache of letters her mother wrote to her but never sent, which could hold the answers she seeks.

Haunting yet ultimately uplifting, Pieces…

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  1. Mother-Daughter memories can be revealing. I wish mine did not make me cry quite so much. Lucky are those whose mothers they remember fondly.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you, except I’ve stopped crying which is why I’m doing his mother-daughter series of memoirs that are not so “typical” to highlight the fact that every daughter doesn’t have a “lucky” experience.

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