The Secret Self-publishing Companies Don’t Want Authors to Know

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Whenever I help clients self-publish, one of the important considerations is how they’re going to reach readers. Too often clients tell me they have already bought marketing services from the company that will produce their book…only to discover that what they’re really bought is PR.
PR is public relations. It’s defined as the management of the spread of information. PR services usually include press releases, feature articles, and author interviews. It sounds like the right step: authors want readers to know about their books, and PR can alert them to the book’s availability, message, theme, and impact.
PR is a powerful tool. The number of individuals who discover an author and their books can reach hundreds of thousands for a single press release, article or interview. But the key is that PR only spreads information. It doesn’t generate a purchase.
Marketing is different than PR. Marketing is geared to generate…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post with your members. When people have information about the self-publishing process, they can make the right choices at every step!

  2. Absolutely! Informed choices are key to self-publishing. Thank you for writing this informative post.

  3. Cat

    Ah! You just answered a question that has been on my own mind. Would you say it is easier to find a publisher rather than go alone?

    1. Yes and no. On one hand, it may seem easier to just self-publish (by this, I mean you hire your own editor, book cover designer, etc.), but self-publishing entails a lot more, especially in the pre-publishing phase. On the other hand, if you go with a publisher (not a vanity press–where you have to pay them to publish your book, which is really not self-publishing), say a small publisher or maybe a hybrid publisher, they can do some of the heavy lifting for you. However, when it comes to marketing, you’re on your own, either way. Most people say traditional publishing (with a publisher) takes longer, but in my case, I’m self-publishing, it’s taking me just as long to produce and publish my book.

      1. Cat

        Do you mean that if one goes with a “traditional” publisher, the author still needs to do the marketing? I thought it was in their interest to do that….mmm… I have a lot to learn!

      2. Yes. Most publishers will do the initial PR, but most authors have to do their own marketing.

    2. To answer your question, it’s probably more difficult to find an agent, who will try to find a publisher for you, than it is to self-publish.

      1. Cat

        Yer I’ve had experience of a ‘brutal’ Agent, but it was actually very helpful advice, in the long run

  4. That’s a very important distinction. Thanks!

    1. Yes it is. And you are welcome!

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