The Right Tool for the Job: Logline

This is a very helpful post if you’re trying to develop your elevator pitch, that is, relate to someone what your book is about in less than 6o seconds.

Kobo Writing Life

by Chris Mandeville

I’d like to share a tool that will help you talk about your book: the logline.Tools for Writers

A logline is a one-line synopsis that typically answers the question:

“What is your story about?”

The obvious use for the logline is the “elevator pitch” where you have one minute to “sell” the agent- or editor-of-your-dreams on your book idea. It can also be useful as an introduction to the pitch paragraph of your query letter. And it’s an invaluable tool to have on your belt when mingling at book signings and writer’s conferences.

But that’s not all. The logline can assist you in casual conversation at a wide variety of non-writing functions, from doctor appointments to family reunions. After all, when Great Aunt Nelda, or your barber, or the guy sitting next to you on a plane says, “You’re writing a book? What’s it about?” they often don’t really…

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