Afraid by Sharon McGovern

city girl drinking craft beer

AfraidFormat: eBook
Pub. Date: 2008
Type: Non-Fiction, True Crime ~ Memoir
Pages: 240
Read: 3/28/2015
Rating: Really liked it ♥♡

The abuse started when she was four, Sharon’s stepfather was helping her learn to ‘wash’ herself. It continued for years. At age 10 it went from touching and rubbing to rape. The only one Sharon told was her best friend. He kept her quiet by threatening her mother and also by making her look like a liar. He did such a good job of it that even after he was gone, her own mother didn’t believe her when she told her she had saved a family from drowning.

When Sharon told a social worker what she wanted most in the world was to “go to sleep and never wake up” because “my dad keeps having sex with me and I can’t do it no more.'” The social worker’s reply was…

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  2. My pleasure Belleza! Thank you for sharing it.

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