Writing Tip: Senses

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Writing Tip: Senses

It’s easy to use sight in our writing. We can describe what our characters are doing, how they are behaving and what they look like. We can describe the beauty of one scene or the grim emptiness of another. It is far harder to get our readers to smell, taste, touch and hear, but these are things that we should focus on when were are writing in order to fully immerse the audience into what we have created.
Using the example of a waterfall, let’s take a look at using the five senses.

1. Sight
The easiest sense to write about. Describe how the water cascades down the side of a cliff, frothing at the bottom. It hits the rocks there and small droplets of water fly off onto the grass on the bank. The water is clear. Though it moves quickly down the cliff, the pool…

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