Emotional Abuse is equally damaging

Another post  about Emotional Abuse for April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. I simply can not say enough about emotional abuse, one of the most over-looked and minimized abuses, especially when it comes to children.


“Whether this abuse is physical, verbal, or the less evident but equally severe emotional abuse, it is an abomination and a serious offense to God” –Elder M. Russell Ballard.

In general, the people in our society get up in arms about child sexual or physical abuse. Which is totally right. Occurrences often end up on the news. These types of abuse are described as “sick” and “wrong” and “travesties”. Which they are.

But I feel that verbal and emotional abuse is a travesty as well. They are just as sick and wrong. But, they are often minimized and discounted by these same people who are horrified by other types of abuse.

If a child or teen confided in a trusted adult that one of their parents hit them, or touched them in an uncomfortable way, that trusted adult likely would tell authorities and would try to rescue that child.

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  1. mandy

    Coming from a place of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, I think emotional is the worst. Our psyche is our mind, our spirit, our soul. They don’t need physical weapons to wound, injure, cause permanent damage. Just words. When I hear parents, teachers, coaches (etc) tell a child who comes to them after being bullied, “Shake it off, get over it, forget about it!” I cringe. Same when I hear parents yell at, berate their child. No getting over it . . .

    1. Mandy, it bothers me too when I hear parents berating, yelling and cursing at their children. Having experienced emotional abuse, I am convinced that emotional abusers are soul killers. Once a person tries to kill someone’s mind and spirit, by trying to break their will, they’re trying to kill their soul. They are literally trying to destroy that person from the inside out…

      1. mandy

        And we find out it’s not all that hard for them to accomplish that. Well said, Lynette.

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