How To Write A Bio/Author’s Page

Brista Drake: Author & Editor

Conform to your genre. Write yourself as a character who would write in your book’s genre. If you’re writing a comedy, throw a few funny facts in about yourself. If you’re writing horror or thriller, keep it serious. Don’t write things like, “She finds her inspiration on long beaches,” because that’s what a romance writer might say in their bio section.

Don’t write in first or second person. Don’t write about yourself in a way that you are talking to the audience or you’re literally talking about yourself. Seem professional, like someone else wrote this for you, especially you self-published authors. It’s hard enough to seem legitimate.

Filter your facts. Speaking of seeming legitimate, don’t ramble on about your favorite bread of cat (unless you’re writing a book on cats). Facts that you’ll want to include are as followed:

  • Schools or classes you’ve attended for writing
  • How…

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