Lawsuit Against Author Solutions

While I do not wish to offend any author who had, or has, a satisfactory relationship with Author Solutions (or any of their affiliations), as the embedded lawsuit attests, this is not always the case. I re-blogged this post because I believe it is important that authors, especially new authors who more than likely spent years writing their first book, understand that Author Solution is a vanity press that, largely, profits from authors.

Writer's Resource Blog

Check out the actual complaint here.
This is brought by two primary individuals who spent $25K and $10K on their books. Basically they talk about all the stuff we’ve heard about Author Solutions in the past: AS makes their money off authors, not for authors; AS sells “marketing” packages that do nothing to market books; AS grubs and grubs for services that are very poorly delivered and end up giving no value to the manuscripts.
The fact that this company is owned by Penguin Random brings shame on one of the world’s largest publishers.
When the two companies joined, I was in disbelief. But perhaps, I thought, PRH will reform the company and make it useful and valuable to indie authors. Perhaps this is a sign that traditional publishers and indie publishers can find ways to work together for the benefit of both.
Apparently not.
As long as these…

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  1. This is good information. May I ask where you got this article from concerning the lawsuit? I’ve self-published three books with AuthorHouse. While I haven’t spent anywhere near that amount as plaintiffs, I am glad that I didn’t buy into their expensive marketing packages. It is scary to think that is what it’s come to. I selected self-publishing after hearing the frustrating stories of traditional publishers and I wanted control of my books. There are thousands of writers each year trying to get their books published. Thanks for posting this. Good advice and a warning to potential writers/authors.

    1. Hi Anne, I reblogged this from Writers Resource Blog. If you click on the word “here” on the post, the entire 36-page lawsuit is available to view. I’m glad to hear you didn’t spend as much as the individuals in the lawsuit did. After you read the lawsuit, I’d be interested to know what you think, as you have first-hand experience with Author Solutions. I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting on this post.

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