What Makes Nonfiction Creative? A Review


This morning began with cozy bathrobes and fresh coffee. The voices of the two best Pauls, Simon and McCartney, filled my living room as I sat down to read this week’s assigned article.

‘What Makes Nonfiction Creative?’

According to this author it comes from balancing traditional facts with personal feeling and reflection. In A Way of Seeing, the first section of the text, we look at the importance of using your emotion to strengthen the writing. Gary Talese’s story about Frank Sinatra is made better with the effective use of his inspired tone. Joan Didion’s vacation essay became personal and compelling when she admitted  her discomfort while on the trip.

These authors make sure to consider how they felt when experiencing theses events, so they can apply those feelings honestly in their writing later on. By looking at your writing this way, seeing it instead of just reporting, you…

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