How to prove to your Parents and to the IRS that Writing is NOT your HOBBY by Barbara Ebert

Five Writers

This month is thrilled to welcome first-time blogger Barbara Ebert, a CPA with Martin, Dolan & Holton in Richmond, VA. This tap-dancing, theatre-going, memoir writing accountant is the coolest CPA you’ll ever run across.  Plus she knows her stuff.  During her many decades as an CPA, she has researched and written returns for plenty of hobby loss/business folks and deals with the shoebox-full-of-crumpled-receipt clients with a great deal of patience and humor.

I am an accountant. No one ever asks me if I always wanted to be an accountant. No one ever davespeculates how cool it is to be an accountant. There are no TV shows or movies that feature heroic accountants (oh except for the movie Dave when the fake president calls in his accountant to help him rewrite the national budget to free up the funds to save a homeless shelter– I loved that movie). I once unsuccessfully pitched the idea to the state CPA…

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