Character. Action. Setting.

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Lucky you! By chance, I pulled two blog spots this week!

petejackson Photo credit: PeteJackson

Yesterday I talked about paring down your words to the bone – which is a message, when boiled down, is simply put as- “get to the point.”

Sometimes it’s tough to do that. It can be difficult to know what’s important to you and what’s important to your story.

Like many other writers, I received a boatload of writing books this holiday season (what do you get a writer? A book on writing of course!) I’m in the midst of reading Structuring Your Novel – Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story, by K.M. Weiland and I came across this bit of brilliance:

“A professor of mine once posed it to me this way, thumping the podium for emphasis: “It’s not “World War II began”! It’s “Hitler. Invaded. Poland.””

Character. Action. Setting. That’s what’s important to…

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