Top 10 Books by Novelists of Colour Published in 2014

Media Diversified

by Samira Sawlani 

It has been a big year for novelists of colour, with both renowned names and up and coming writers releasing long awaited and highly anticipated books. 2014 was predicted to be a banner year for African literature and as expected books and writers coming out of the continent did not disappoint. Meanwhile the South-East Asian literary scene continues to flourish as writers from the region and in the diaspora release literary masterpieces which look at the intricacies of relationships and identity in the context of culture and religion. There are an increasing number of books by novelists from these countries that tackle the evils of terrorism, poverty, corruption, crime and war.

Though less familiar with Hispanic literature, I plan to rectify this in 2015 (of course Junot Diaz is a favourite). Meanwhile books set in the Asia- Pacific region by authors like Tash Aw, Amy…

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