Special Edition: There’s More To Life Than Self-Pub vs. Traditional

Five Writers

By Jennie Jarvis

Let me guess: If you are reading this blog, then you want to be a published author, right? You’ve written your manuscript (or most of it), and you are already dreaming of seeing your book’s title on an Amazon Bestseller list (or better yet, a New York Times Bestseller List). You know you still have a little bit of work to do to make your novel ready to publish (maybe you still have it out to Beta readers or you know you need an editor to help you with the polish). Otherwise, however, you are ready to start making the difficult decision: HOW do I want to publish?

For many years, there was just ONE option: Get an agent, have that agent send your manuscript out to book editors at publishing houses and then cross your fingers. Then, in the last twenty years, we suddenly had another…

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