Little Known Black History Fact: Rudy Lombard

Black America Web

The late Rudy Lombard and his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement are little known, but that’s exactly how the activist and leader wanted it. The New Orleans native made history with a series of sit-ins in New Orleans, immortalizing himself and other activists with their bold actions against racism. Lombard was born in Algiers, La. in 1939.

He grew up witnessing widespread discrimination against Blacks, prompting him to become an activist. As a student at Xavier University, Lombard led a 1960 sit-in at the McCrory’s Five & Dime store in protest of its Jim Crow laws.

Joining Lombard in his protests were what would be become known as the “CORE Four” – Lanny Goldfinch, a white man, Cecil Carter, Jr. and Oretha Castle, both of whom were Black. At the time, Lombard was the National Vice President of the Congress of Racial Equality and also the senior class president…

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