How Music can add depth to your writing


Here’s a great example of how music is important, both in and of itself and used in other creative mediums. I particularly like how music can change a scene or really add to its depth.

To really show what I mean, I have devised a little experiment. The first video in this article is a trailer for a film called What If, starring Daniel Radcliffe. I can’t speak for the film, but the trailer isn’t very good – largely because it’s one of those trailers that seem to feel the need to give away every plot development in the actual film. It’s a romantic comedy, meaning that it’s supposed to be funny.

HOWEVER, this is where the fun starts, because the second video I have in this article is from a film that I’ve already discussed and that I genuinely thought was excellent: Gone Girl. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross…

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