Struggling With Setting

N. A. Sutherland

ID-100151097 city rainI’m always struggling with setting – which is tough, because it’s one of the most important elements of any fictional story.

Setting has to make sense within your narrative, it has to seem wonderfully and vividly real to the reader and most of all it has to ultimately serve your character, contributing to their emotional and physical journal.

These cool tips have come from a range of places and sources over the years, but they always help keep me grounded when I’m writing fiction and forming a setting. Hope they help you too.

1. Be detailed

Like, crazy detailed. Vague, generalised descriptions loan themselves to cliche and disbelief, and detract from the punch of your story. If there’s an element of the setting that matters, use detailed description to hone in on it.

2. Use the 5 Senses

We learn them as kids, but it’s easy to forget them when writing. It’s…

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