Formatting your Book for Kindle

Olivia Bright

Formatting ‘Becoming Lady Beth’ for kindle

As promised this post is to help those, who like myself, became a bit lost in how to format your word doc files for kindle. This post contains lots of images so that you can ‘see’ which tools to use on your computer to make formatting your document easy and stress-free. I work on a mac but am using ‘word for mac’ so I know that the function keys won’t be much different across the board.

Dependent on what electronic device your reader will use, the e-version of your novel will be structurally different from your paper back. Basically an e-device does not know how to read white space unless you tell it to, so all spaces have to be apportioned properly, ie not just by hitting the spacebar numerous times. Otherwise you will end up with huge gaps in the text where in…

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