What is the job of a writer? Being honest.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

What is the job of a writer?

  • To sell tons of copies?
  • To win awards?
  • To write a book a year?
  • To make a living?
  • To teach others how to write?
  • To finish a novel?
  • To SELL a novel?

From my point of view, yes, your job as a professional writer is to sell copies (among other things) so you can continue writing.

But how do you do that? You connect with readers.

I think the job of a writer is to be more honest than the rest of us.

The books that connect with people are entertaining, make us forget about real life…are fun, are serious, are what readers expect from you.

When you tell honest stories that are more poignant than readers expect, and more poignant than we see our own lives–that’s writing.

When writers ask me what I’m looking for when I sign up new writers, I say…

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