Book Review: WHEN GOD WASN’T LOOKING by Eunice Heath Tate

The Healing Writer

As a little girl, Sydnee Price’s mother left her ‘for a little while,’ in the care of a couple in Jamaica. Molested by her guardian, reviled by the women in the district and disowned by the church, Sydnee flees to America, buries her past and seals her heart tight. However, the ghosts of her past hover, including Sunshine Brown, the daughter conceived in abuse and abandoned. To reclaim her ‘true’ self and silence the ghosts, Sydnee returns to Jamaica, admits her deepest shame, faces the child she abandoned, but is not prepared for what unfolds. Written with keen insight, When God Wasn’t Looking is the story of Sydnee Price, broken as a child, but who rose to success then eventually found redemption and healed her past.

via Book Review: WHEN GOD WASN’T LOOKING by Eunice Heath Tate.

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  1. Thanks for the support Lynette. We must continue the break the silence and move forward into our purpose. In a few days I will be exposing parts of my self in my nonfiction book. It is scary! But if I can help even one person to heal, it will be worth it. Can’t wait to read your upcoming book. Stay blessed!

  2. You are welcome Eunice! Yes, our silences must be broken,, “so we can move forward into our purpose.” I trust and believe that all things work for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose, which is how I know your testimony will touch the hearts of many. May God continue to bless you as you share your story.

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