How is Chocolate Like Creative Writing Software?

michelle a. mckenzie

chocolateI am attracted to writing software with almost the same enthusiasm I have for dark chocolate—I just can’t help myself. There’s this hope inside me that the perfect software will result in the perfect story (and that the perfect bite of chocolate will result in a newer, more perfect me).

First, I bought NewNovelist, to help me write my first novel. When I opened the software I was asked to choose specific things about my story, such as will it be plot driven or character driven; will it be a coming-of age-story or internal transformation or…. There’s a panel for adding new characters, with in-depth questions for my characters’ full development, along with the option of uploading a photo of my characters, places, and objects (like a magic wand!). Each chapter has a related advice panel, such as this partial bit of advice for my first chapter:


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