Little Known Black History Fact: St. Augustine Movement

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The St. Augustine Movement in Florida, led primarily by Dr. Robert B. Hayling, was a pivotal moment in the civil rights struggle and one of the factors that helped the Civil Rights Act of 1964 gain passage. Although St. Augustine was mostly white, in the early 1960s Blacks started moving in who were smacked with the reality of segregation in the region.

Dr. Hayling came to St. Augustine in 1960, a former Air Force officer and dentist who set up practice in the area. Accepted by all, Hayling and his family thrived as his integrated practice grew.

Enamored by the civil rights movement, Hayling decided to joined the NAACP. Serving as the group’s youth adviser, he helped lead a protest to the city’s Whites-only 400th anniversary in 1963. A profile of Hayling in the St. Augustine Record recalls the campaign. President Lyndon B. Johnson

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