Start Writing

As I was going through my posts yesterday, I noticed that I had not provided the last two tips in the 7 Tips to Start You Writing Your Memoir series. In case you did not get a chance to read the previous posts, here’s a quick recap of what we’ve covered so far. You’ve:

1. Decided how you’re going to write your memoir.
2. Chosen a specific aspect of your life to write about.
3. Chosen a timeframe (80s, 90s, etc) for your memoir.
4. Set aside a specific time of the day (or evening) to write.
5. Set a goal (either page count or word count) each time you write.

In other words, you have your game plan together. Okay. Now, you’re ready for Tip #6Start Writing. Keep Tip #7, Do not edit–not even punctuation, in mind as you write. Just write.

The goal is to get the first draft of your story down on paper. I wrote my first draft of OUTSIDE LOOKING IN in three months. Writing the first draft is one thing; developing it is another story. More about developing your story in another post.

At this point, the main thing to remember is to write daily with your goal in mind and no editing!

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